Tablo is an easy-to-use dialysis machine that both purifies water and generates dialysate in real time, creating new options for dialysis delivery.

Meet Tablo,
a clinic-on-wheels that delivers easier, lower-cost dialysis

An all-in-one solution

Makes dialysate on demand, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure

Streamlines dialysis care

Designed with consumer-product simplicity to make dialysis easier

Does more with less

Enables new, more efficient
care models

So easy to use,
you’ll be up and
running in no time.

Wireless data, sensor-based automation, and an animated touchscreen interface make Tablo easy to learn and to use.

No water
treatment room?
No worries,
you don’t need one.

Tablo is a dialysis machine and water treatment system in a single, compact device. It creates dialysate on demand, custom blended to the patient’s prescription. All you need is tap water and an electrical outlet.