Dialysis in any setting
Tablo can deliver both acute and chronic dialysis, wherever you need it.
In the hospital
Tablo can reduce supply costs and improve labor productivity, whether at the bedside or in the dialysis unit.
In dialysis clinics
Tablo can reduce labor and infrastructure costs while creating a meaningfully better patient care experience.
Spend time on value-added care, not on training, transporting and reporting.
Easy to learn, easy to use
Intuitive, touchscreen guidance helps get you up to speed in hours and after a few practice treatments. Sensors and advanced software help automate much of the setup, treatment management and maintenance.
Water treatment onboard
Tablo creates dialysate on demand, with just tap water and an electrical outlet. No need to haul around portable water treatment machines or run back and forth to the water treatment room.
Efficient documentation
Treatment data is stored in the Tablo Cloud, downloadable from wherever you are or integrated with your EMR.
With just tap water and a power outlet, Tablo is ready to go.
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